Freelancer Generation Is here …

In continuation to my blog post earlier regarding how to write winning proposals? how to make great profiles, my latest research,trainings and real life experiences are telling me a new story, Today I am going to share with you…

In my 6 years of freelancing experience, I get a chance to communicate with hundreds of clients worldwide and I did a lot of ‘tests’ on my profile and proposals to see which pitch works for me and which doesn’t.

Here are some findings ( you can disagree with it)

Region / Ethnicity  :

Your country has a default stamp on your profile and proposal ( first ever screening client does is he/she checks which country we belongs to ) endorsement and profile ranks comes right after this screening ( and that has its own importance), It defines our service charge ( Per hour rate) . Think why Ukranian freelancers are most expensive? its because they are maintaining their quality standards this gives a default promotion to new freelancers coming from their country.

the question here is, What default introduction we are giving to our coming family of young an enthusiastic freelancers of Pakistan

Pakistani Freelancers do work on most economical rates?

Pakistani Freelancers do miscommitments all the time? don’t give them any work

Pakistani Freelancers do quality work and charge ‘reasonable’. ( that’s what we have to achieve)

In a nutshell all top 7 countries of freelancers have their default introductions (perceptions) in client’s mind. check out yours and see if it’s ‘okay’ if it’s not…try to change it


Can we speak client’s desired language? there are two kinds of Pakistani resources, one who speaks great English and other resources are horrible in verbal & written English.  client start judging your language skills right from your proposal and then from your profile and at the he/she decides to even invite us for a skype call or something.

Our coming generation might see the ‘death of paper resumes’ with the inception of micro  platforms like tongal , behance, elance etc . workspace dimension is going to change forever and that’s going to be a global impact. client endorsement is getting more and more important and It will replicate all other job applying material.

I have done my part of doing great freelancing for my country ( that I am blessed with top 20 rank in my domain)…it’s your job now to make your work count..

Upto you

Freelancer Generation Is here …

What’s broke in Linkedin?

Linkedin people new


A social media platform like facebook will remind you the birthdays of your friends, will notify you a picture or ‘relation’ changed, a milestone achieved and a journey you just had with your friends – It’s the ‘duty’ of a social website to notify these social norms –

But if you are a professional network i.e Linkedin then you should ‘behave’ like one. I think Linkedin needs some changes on urgent basis.

Skill Endorsements :

How can people who don’t even know you are endorsing (spamming ) on your skills and expertise? It’s a lie and it’s broke…

Picture change:

It doesn’t suits on a professional network that it notifies yo
u for a picture change of a colleague (it’s like you are jumping on a social network) but sorry you are not so be professional because this is what you stand for and this is why we have signed up on you.

Comments Privacy:

How you are going to feel when you see that 2000+ people commented on a link ( that’s offering a job). hire me hire me and so on. It’s clearly a demotivation for the person who is commenting and a confusion for the hiring manager – They should do something with comment privacy or they must invent a new way …

What’s broke in Linkedin?

How to get the best out of Coworking spaces….!


With record increase in the number of freelancers around the globe the idea of co-working spaces is getting hype everyday . In February 2013 the total co working spaces around the globe were 2,498 registered the growth of 100% with previous numbers and the count is increasing at greater speed.


After being chosen in my country’s purpose build co-working space, TECH HUB . Here are my thoughts on getting the best out of co-working spaces.

1. Review Your Options:

Why are you here? What’s your ultimate objective? Are you here just to improve your freelancing skills OR you think its your time to transform yourself from a freelancer to an entrepreneur ? Choose wisely on your objectives and starting acting accordingly.

2. Collaborate:

Offer help to other freelance member OR invite them in your projects give them the power to comment on your thoughts, discuss the way in which you can improve your business or share your tips with others so they get the best out of your recommendations. Meaningful collaborations would be game changing.

3. Network, Network & Network

No matter how much time you are spending in co-working space. Try dedicate some time for networking, introduce yourself to the people and discuss your raw ideas with them and listen to them,their comments , remarks and cook your ideas further. Try having lunch with them and may be some hang outs to make a stronger connection. Get to know their core skills, they might be the missing part of your puzzle. Initiate a dialogue

The easiest thing is to react, the second easiest thing is to respond but the hardest thing is ‘initiate’.

~Seth Godin

& Tech Hub just made that hard part quite easy for us.

How to get the best out of Coworking spaces….!

The Art ‘is’ Transforming

my cover - Copy

It’s a 7 billion people planet we are living in and the highest number of population ever existed on this earth at a time. Number of scientists living today are more than the combined numbers of scientists ever lived on this earth.

But in t0day’s world the ‘art’ & the ‘artist’ have more direct impact on our lives as compared with ‘science’ & the ‘scientist’ , the number of artists after the industrial revolution are out numbered and today everyone seems to be an artist. Here’s how….1474361_221044608074650_1840963349_n

  • Voice Artist
  • Sandwich Artist
  • Coffee Artists
  • and thousands more…

Voice Artists – They are they people behind every movie trailer, inspiring documentaries, animated movies and are impacting millions of people at a same time – they use their voice as an ‘art’….

Coffee Artist – Yes  they make breathtaking illustrations right on your coffee, with a glimpse of an eye , they stunned everyone of us and make our coffee drinking a great experience.  They introduced their fingers as an ‘art’.

Sandwich Artist – they are awesome because they exactly know the right mix of the ingredients going to make our sandwich a treat for us. there learning curves are there ‘art’….

All these artists – they never existed until industrial era and they will continue to grow and evolve at a very fast pace (more than the world is creating scientists….)

For me

If you are good in using words, you are a word artist –

If you are social and can inspire people in seconds, you are social artist

If you sketch some random stuff on your notepad that don’t make any sense, you are doodle artist.

If you can’t sign up to be a scientist, then there must be an ‘artist’ with in yourself …

The Art ‘is’ Transforming

Time to make an impact …!


I have heard this dialogue in a lot of movies, Its the timeline between launching a missile till it hits the target.

In our social and business life, we have different timelines to make an impact. An interviewee has a few minutes in an interview to make impact on prospective employer, a student have a couple of hours in exams to make impact . A marketing manager has to advertise in very less space in any magazine / newspaper to make impact on their prospective clients, A movie have a couple of hours to make an impact on their audience. A TVC has a few seconds to make impact on their target clients.

But the question here is
How to make your impact count?
How to leave lasting impressions?

Well, it all depends on how much effort we put in before launching the missile
appearing in an interview
sitting in examination hall
making a marketing plan
directing a movie
choosing a studio house for the TVC.

Unlike above as they have a very short timeline, the biggest time line to make an impact is your ‘life’ .
Yes, you literally have thousands of days to make an impact on this world and by the time you are reading this post, you will be hanging somewhere in it.
Some of you would be thinking to form a business, some might have started anything new , some of them will be working on finalyzing any idea, in short all these actions are moving you towards ‘making an impact’.

and I know you are all going to succeed, but the question is; does your lifeline going to matter?

Time to make an impact …!

UnHype yourself now…

In schools …we are told to stand out from the crowd
At Home… we are told to get best job / or build a profitable business
In Universities….we are told to get highest possible GPA
At offices…we are required to do more in less time

but now , after spending 28 years of my life I came to know that I was corrupted by ‘information war’ and by media. The industrial era conquered the mindsets of our parents, our teachers , our relatives because they are not speaking what they should , instead they are following what has been told, what has been marketed , what has been hyped into their minds, thoughts, exposures etc.
It’s time to unhype yourself, Lets discourage what has been advertised , what has been inserted in our minds intentionally. Let’s not be the part of today’s sales funnel
I love the quote from Alvin Toffler
“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. ” ―

Search yourself in this quote, you will get to know where you are standing….
Stay blessed & live well

UnHype yourself now…